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2011 nasa space shuttle launch schedule

2011 nasa space shuttle launch schedule

Rex Walheim and lotus approach 97 help Sandra Magnus, pilot Douglas Hurley and commander Christopher Ferguson stop and pose for photographs before boarding the Astrovan and heading to cd novo do thiaguinho 2012 the launch pad.
Space shuttle Atlantis sits on the launchpad at dawn as the countdown clock holds at three hours at the Kennedy Space Center July 8, 2011 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.As nasa officials always state, the fawg (Flight Assignment Working Group) schedules are only planning documents, to aid processing flow timelines.Rex Walheim, Sandra Magnus, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Commander Chris Ferguson walkout from the Operations and Checkout Building into the Astrovan in preparation for the countdown.This flight makes the fawg manifest for the first time, with an opening launch date NET of the ultimate japanese phrasebook April 15, 2009.Meanwhile, Atlantis is still on schedule to rollout of the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) on May 15, despite ongoing delays to the requirement of checking for RepliSet contamination in her three main engines.In this handout provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa The windows to the cockpit of nasa space shuttle Atlantis are seen as it sits on Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center July 7, 2011.16, could end up in October.But he said thousands of job losses were expected even if Constellation proceeded.Four launches are still targeted for 2007, although that remains to be tight, requiring STS-117, STS-118 and STS-120 all launching without any further delays, so as to allow STS-122 and the flight of Discovery with the Columbus module to keep on track with the NET.April 8 Soyuz TMA-12 (16S april 10 STS-324 (Rescue STS-123) Discovery.
July 23 STS-319 (Rescue STS-124) Endeavour.
The final scheduled flight of Discovery, targeted for Sept.
This is where alternative options kick in, with the possibility of moving STS-119 away from Atlantis, which would see her finale mission to Hubble moving to the emotionally awkward launch date of September.
However, there is a level of freedom with the launch of Discovery, should the date slip closer to the end of December, given the issue of yero (Year End Rollover) has now been solved.
However, it is understood that the latest rollout date only contains three days of contingency in regards to the NET June 8 launch date for STS-117.
However, historically they are the most consistent and accurate schedules nasa produce.
Instead, Cabana said KSC would serve as a state-of-the-art launching point for both government and commercial missions, manned or unmanned, with the help of nearly 2 billion over five years to upgrade facilities.Technology research now restricted to a few areas would be broadened to become a focus for the center, related to the development and testing of heavy-lift rocket propulsion systems and "flagship" technologies needed for deep space missions."And we've been working.".New Launch Schedule (STS, Russian, ATV) presentation.The shuttle program has funding to fly through the end of 2010, and managers have said savings set aside along the way could support operations for another month or two.In the near term, Cabana said the dates of two remaining shuttle missions are likely to slip, as many expected.August 16 (TBD) Progress M-61 (26P).An Endeavour flight targeted for late November is likely to move to February because the payload, the.5 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, won't be delivered to KSC in time to support the earlier date.Nutzungsbedingungen von Getty Images einverstanden.It will not be used for spam etc.) *m Job Opportunities.