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Baker 6 speed service manual

baker 6 speed service manual

Be prepared to cut half an inch from the exhaust bracket that mounts to the front of the tranny, or you can order a pre-cut one from Baker (will need longer allen bolts too).
The bike has plenty of power and loads of torque, but was constantly champing at the bit during highway speeds (revving too high).Additionally, you will need to find the stock cam cover bolts to put back on (if you had to remove the race brace).I came back to the house and told the wife I was going to make the circle (a test drive routine I do which is about 20 miles).Informed her of the direction I would be going and to come get my ass if Im guitar workshop plus canada not back in an hour.Baker 6-Speed OverDrive - Service Manual?
The overdrive from the DD6 is achieved through the use a higher tooth count engine compensating sprocket (using a 28 instead of the stock 25).
With all the fluids topped off and a nervous feeling in the back of my mind I started it up on the rack to look and listen.
Over the winter after much procrastination and parts gathering I pulled the bike in the shed and tore it down.
The top three gears are extremely smooth.
The return hose proved to be a bitch and I was forced to order the molded hose from Harley.So I searched to find a solution.When talking about it over dinner that night I was still bitching and complaining how hard the fit was.I discovered there are a few companies out there making them, but I found that Baker had the best warranty and reputation, so the choice was easy.I've looked online, but no luck?It came with a mild cam, S S Super E carburetor and Screaming Eagle ignition.I ended up draining the Spectro and filling it back up with Redline.If you have a race brace you will no longer be able to use.