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Cod4 multiplayer bot mod

cod4 multiplayer bot mod

Report problems with download.
Feel free to add this source to any mod you like, just credit Pezbot, thanks.(all normal maps, most to all custom maps) -Bots play all gamemodes/objectives, they caputure flags, plant, defuse bombs, etc.Org and some former staff from FileFront, we have retained this file for posterity.Also mod is compatible with every game client, as long as the client's testclient handling most popular action game works properly.Description: Pezbot - This is a multiplayer bot mod which is being developed by Pezzalucifer.The mod can also be used for LAN gaming.This is pre-alpha code, meaning it is in no way feature complete and full of bugs, Use at your own risk.Bots may flank/spread out a little more.Pezbot Source Code Released, oct 11 2013 News, the source code for Pezbot 011p (CoD4) and 005p (WaW) has now been released.
Open the 'Mods' option and choose 'bots' and load the mod.
Press both your grenade buttons (primary and secondary) to open and close the menu.
If this file is broken, has been superseded, or mislabeled, please use the Report tool found in the action bar above.
All stock maps, as of patch.7, are waypointed.
Unfortunately with all the weapons in COD4 this only allows 6 or so extra weapon assets, Pezbot needs 6 or so weapons per weapon type (m16, mp5 ect) to animate, therefore it can only support one weapon type until this is fixed in a future.
COD4 Bot Warfare is a mod for, call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, created by, iNeedBots.
Bots can camp randomly or when about to use the laptop.Bots target killstreaks, use stingers and other weapons to take out all killstreaks.Bots can throwback grenades.(can be turned on or off with svr_pezbots_chatter.) - Revised knifing function, no long range kills.Full details of what the mod can do can be found in the ReadMe file.(only if your client supports offline/lan).Exe "set fs_game "mods/Pezbot" set svr_pezbots 4 set svr_pezbots_team autoassign".(if none, create one).