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Dexta daps cheating on you

dexta daps cheating on you

A she first scope me out, so mi did haffi zoom her.
Girls cyaan enough, but me fuck enough.Verse 3, mi cyan make one fuck, fuck.Your pussy mek me waan stop.Mek me haffi say,.Dexta Daps - 1 Minute Lyrics.Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics.A chat her But if shi know mi, then shi know mi wouldn't stop her So even if shi have a fuck.Me and mi girl vex, and hope say this nuh really cause a drama cause we been through worst.
Chris Martin - I'm a Big Deal lyrics and translation.
She tek a stock when mi say dat, and a di first mi eva seen a curse.
I fucked a girl yesterday who make me wish i wasn't seeing you first.
Dem just a, try fi fuck up the road weh me an' you trotting.
Mar 19, 2016 Lyrics for 1 Minute by Dexta Daps.
Now any gyal weh she think me fuck, she cuss 'Memba weh you a see is just pictures.Say she a go cut, but she a fuck me first.Say she a go cut, but she a fuck mi first.Chorus, me have to say oh.Me tell you everything, from you catch me in the mood.A the grade point average And wi never cheat or copy fi get it Yo know yo have yo dreams and nobody cyaa death track resurrection game stop it Just walk out buss a blank ).Cause nuff a dem weh you see lip up and a chat dem tongue again.Dexta Daps - Love the Money Lyrics, feb 5, 2016 Lyrics for Love the Money by Dexta Daps.She say we still a fuck, but me fuck up the trust.Baby girl, no bother watch the rumouring.Verse 2, she fuck me like she did a waan mi move her.