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Disney mickey mouse shorts list

disney mickey mouse shorts list

The following is a list of shorts featured.
Grievance Board Database Colorado, purple Brazilian Wax.
They make life into hell as Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto try to anime highschool dxd season 2 episode 3 subtitle indonesia give them a Christmas party.Other Appearances - joomla creating component 2.5 Pluto, Pete 41 " Barnyard Olympics " Wilfred Jackson April 15, 1932 With Horace as his trainer, Mickey competes with Pete at running, vaulting, rowing, and finally a delightfully crazy bicycle race.He scat-sings to "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep." Other Appearance - Minnie Mouse 16 " The Barnyard Concert " Walt Disney April 5, 1930 Mickey, Horace, Clarabelle, and others put on a concert to the "Poet and Peasant Overture." Other Appearances - Clarabelle.First entry in series to have sound.Other Appearances - Minnie Mouse 44 " Mickey in Arabia " Wilfred Jackson July 18, 1932 Mickey and Minnie are on vacation when Sultan Pete tries to capture Minnie for his harem.Note that the shorts created for.Walt Disney, may 15, 1928 mickey tries to emulate his hero, Charles Lindberg, and woo Minnie with his own, homemade airplane.
Other Appearances - Minnie Mouse, Kat Nipp Notes - More or less a remake of the Alice Comedies called Alice Rattled by Rats.
Other Appearance - Minnie Mouse, Pete, Parrot 5 " The Opry House " Walt Disney March 28, 1929 Mickey owns and performs digicam control for mac at his own theatre, going in drag as a harem girl, in a derby as a Hasidic Jew, and finally in a wig.
Other Appearances - Minnie Mouse, Pluto 38 " The Duck Hunt " Burt Gillett January 28, 1932 Mickey and Pluto go duck hunting, stopping to jam to "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean." The ducks get their own back, carrying the hunters through the air and.
At the dance, Mickey uses a balloon to make himself light on his feet - the perfect dancing partner - but this doesn't keep Minnie at his side for long, either.
His soapy slobber makes locals think he's gone mad, and they call the dogcatcher to catch him.
Cartoon filmography 19281932, episode, title, director, original release date 1 plane Crazy ".77 Mickey's Garden 78 Mickey's Fire Brigade - First Mickey Mouse cartoon in gray background intro.They enjoy various gags and a chase around the river bottom before the sheriff shows.Other Appearance - Minnie Mouse, Horace Horsecollar, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow, Goofy Notes - First appearance of Goofy 43 " Musical Farmer " Wilfred Jackson June 23, 1932 One of Mickey's hens lays a giant egg, and the whole farm celebrates, preparing to take a photograph.Other Appearance - Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow 49 " The Wayward Canary " Burt Gillett November 12, 1932 Mickey's bought a canary to give Minnie as a pet, but doesn't know that the bird has a bunch of hatchlings in her cage.Other Appearance - Minnie Mouse Note - The first short where Mickey wears gloves.Other Appearances - Minnie Mouse, Ingagi the Gorilla, Parrot Note - First appearance of Ingagi the Gorilla.She acts haughty as a result, then softens.Other Appearances, minnie Mouse, Clarabelle Cow.After enlisting in the army, Mickey mounts a spirited defense of the farmhouse.And Pete pulls Mickey of board Other Appearances - Minnie Mouse, Pete, Parrot Note - The third Mickey Mouse cartoon produced.First cartoon where Mickey wears shoes, and first where he confronts Pegleg Pete.29 " The Moose Hunt " Burt Gillett May 3, 1931 Mickey and Pluto hunt for moose, the hunt being delayed when Mickey thinks he's shot Pluto and, later, when Mickey's gun falls apart in the foe's face.