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Dracula the last sanctuary ipad walkthrough

dracula the last sanctuary ipad walkthrough

Enter the tower on the left, look close on Dracula's henchman draped over the window at right and pick up driver magician key generator a flat metal strip.
Insert the silver ventilation key at the bottom of the panel.
In that waiting area outside his office go forward, left, and forward again behind the desk toward that other smaller door.
Go down and over to Dracula's vault, the one at the intersection.(You can"t press Esc) Now in Dracula 2, you also have a second row of Inventory.Take the cross and leave the library.Climb onto the unit and follow it up into the vent shafts.Always start at the first correct chain, then the next correct chain and subsequent chains to be checked until you find the correct order of the chains.Oh what the heck, lets just call the Bullets Item(A) and the bottom slot on the outer row, Item(F).
When you have control, use the cross on Pibody and he'll fall into a grave and the tombstone will fall on top of him.
In inventory, combine red jewel with bone and place it on top of skull.
Turn around and go back to where you originally started.
Go back towards the house, and look at the tree to your right.
This is different from.
Go over to the desk and use the sledgehammer to smash pokemon emerald cheat list gba it to pieces.
Hopkins' help: Go to the main gate of the cemetery, turn left, move forward and turn right to a wall with black plaques.Turn the crank to have the platform move forward, but the Dracula automaton will come out from the other side and shoot something that knocks the crank out, preventing Harker from going any further.Once there, push in the statue's eyes to the right of the entrance and then attempt to enter.Combine the grappling hook with the crossbow and then leave the corridor.The stand has 4 drawers at the bottom.Go back out into the hall and put all of the boards and the curtains in each of the boxes.Gazebo : Look and open the stand at the center of a gazebo.Look close on the electric panel.Satan's Claws: When you're there, go to your left and look at the pile of bones.Well, he's now undead and he's ready to kill you.Go upstairs and enter the first door on your left to enter the study.Continue across the ladder, turn around, look down and take the ladder.Walk forward and you will see Seward in the elevator.