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Drama korea personal taste episode 13

drama korea personal taste episode 13

Kae In stops Young Sun from fighting with In Hee and demorash bike race game full version Young Sun says thats right, they should just ignore her.
Choi then looks at Kae In and says that he thinks Jin Ho is even worse at math than either Choi or Kae.
This shames Chang Ryul as he remembers what he did.
Needless to say, Jin Ho doesnt look happy at all.She asks if it hurts and he replies why wouldnt it hurt.He has full confidence in In Hees abilities as she is always meticulous and gets the job done (I think it would be better if she acted more like she acts at work in her every day life).He asks if In Hee has plans to go out with Kae.Jin Ho recalls all the information he received from Sang Joon about Sanggojae and what Kae In told him about her fathers plans.Sang Joon then tells Tae Hoon that Jin Hos intensity is the key, Tae Hoon just needs to be more intense.
Chang Ryul replies in the negative and Han says he looked into Sanggojae and it is no ordinary hanok (traditional Korean house).
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He approaches her and asks to be her guide if this is her first time there.
Jin Ho la mira y le sonríe, orgulloso de cómo luce y dándole ánimo para enfrentar a In Hee y Chang Ryul.
No, Don't ask me again.
As they leave the room, the boss asks if Jin Ho knows of anyone with a grudge or a competitor who would do something so low.She says yes and he tells her to go take a bath as he has drawn one up for her.Since Jin Ho hasnt been telling her what is going on with Chang Ryul, Kae In has no idea that all of Jin Hos problems stem from Chang Ryul.Young Sun asks if they have found a new office and Sang Joon replies.Kae In says thank you and the two walk together happily.He touches her face and asks if she forgot that he was a man as her doing that makes it really hard for him.Jin Ho replies that it isnt like that and leaves annoyed.Sang Joon says Jin Ho doesnt have to give him details and giggles like a demented elf when Tae Hoon comes into the office.This shocks Jin Ho, especially when she asks to sleep with him.In Hee says she told Chang Ryul so that he and Kae In could enjoy themselves.Jin Ho asks how it is someone elses when it is his womans house (lol).Well, that definitely promotes the right kind of feeling.In Hee comes at that moment and watches on as Choi says he will show her around.She even fantasizes about Jin Ho coming into her room to do the deed.