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Excel 2010 conditional formatting hide row

excel 2010 conditional formatting hide row

Creating Your Table, the business india magazine pdf first thing you will need is a simple table containing the white screen on ipad app data youd like to format.
When you insert a repeating table, you will be prompted for the number of columns.
As you can see above, the formatting applies only to the cell we started off with.
On the Format Cells dialog box, go through the tabs and tweak the settings until you get the look you want.Am I making sense?Its fairly easy: Select the area where you want to hide the zero values.For example, if your form template has a repeating table that contains rows of products that fall into one of three classifications (A, B, or C you can use conditional formatting to determine which rows are displayed, based on selections that users make on the.Top of Page, step 2: Specify the conditional formatting.Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add values for B, C, and.At this point, your table has no formatting at all: Setting The Look-and-Feel, now its time to format your table using Excels simple formatting tools.So in English, our formula is true whenever cell G in the current row has the word Yes.This solution however creates new challenges: If you send the file to someone else who hasnt changed their Excel settings, they will see the zero values.If youre familiar with conditional formatting, lets forge.Select the first cell in the first row youd like to format, click Conditional Formatting in the Styles section of the Home tab, and then select Manage Rules from the drop-down menu.
You cant decide if you only want to hide the zeros in certain parts of your workbook or sheets.
To see how this was done, read.
This can be done in several ways.
With conditional formatting you can hide zero values, send it to someone else and they wont be able to see the zero values either.
But how do you highlight an entire row?Say Cell A1 had a finite selection (via a dropdown box) of either "A "B "C or "D".Change the selection in the list box.Now that we have a working formula, lets apply it across our entire table.Once done, click the button next to the address field to get back to the full Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box or press Enter.One of these is made up; when I entered No in the Really?I develop very large spreadsheet models that often, because of circumstances a particular project i am working on, certain parts of the model are not applicable and i therefore manually hide the unapplicable group (or groups) of rows.Its for an earlier version of Excel, but the interface really hasnt changed much.Click the Format button on the New Formatting Rule dialog box.