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Expand collapse rows excel plus minus sign

expand collapse rows excel plus minus sign

The most used options have a link to the latest cwcheat database 2011 description with values for the option.
17, an example method 600 for automatically adding a selected field to one of the zones of layout pane 454 is shown.
For example, menu 482 allows the user to change the position of the field within a given zone (i.e., Move Up, Move Down, Move to Beginning, Move to End move the field between zones (i.e., Move to Row Labels, Move to Values, Move to Column.
If the field is determined to not be of numeric type at operation 602, control is passed to operation 604, and the field is added to the row zone 455.2, an example program 200 is shown.Manual filter area 707 lists all of the items associated with the field shown in selector drop down control 705.12 illustrates an example menu for modifying a layout of the task pane of FIG.Those skilled in the art will readily recognize various modifications and changes that may be made without following the example embodiments and applications illustrated and described herein, and without departing from the true spirit and scope of the present invention, which is set forth.
If a determination is made at operation 502 that the user has not selected the checkbox, control is passed to operation 504.
Olap measures/olap KPI expressions.
A select all checkbox 711 can be selected to select/deselect every item at all levels shown in filter area 707.
The filters listed in menu 740 are those filters that are typically applied to label fields.
The value in the MinValue column specifies the minimum value of any of the items of the given FieldTypeString type.
The value in the MaxValue column specifies the maximum value of any of the items of the given FieldTypeString type.
Program 200 includes a spreadsheet 205 with an example list of data 210.At operation 611, the user selects a field in field pane 452 using, for example, the checkbox associated with the field.6) that allows the user to select which zone to place the field.The Data field resides in either the row or column zones III.Other programs allow users to drag and drop desired fields directly onto the data summary table.Next, in operation 507, the field is added to the appropriate zone of layout pane 454.11 illustrates another example task pane; FIG.In other embodiments, filtering task pane 700 can also be accessed from within data summary table 320 by selecting drop down areas 862 in data summary table 320.The user can enter the value 50000 in criteria box 776 to set the filter to filter all Store Sales that are greater than 50,000.