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Eyeonet dvr client software

eyeonet dvr client software

Click Search from the dark souls 2 item editor tab on top pops up this menu where you can select time range, which channels to search and getdataback ntfs 4.10 serial it provides a list.
Motion detection is set by the camera, but you can change it from the Detect option on the settings menu.
The NVR works very well with Dahua cameras.
Its limited to the first 100 recorded events.Had 4 cameras plugged in, 2 of them 1080P cameras, 2 were.3MP cameras, all actively recording and the menus were very responsive.The other thing that is set by default that you may want to change is the NVR is set up to rotate from one camera to the next automatically.This is bargain compared to other NVRs or the alternative of setting up a PC with NVR software.2 cameras were setup as 1080P in a 16:9 aspect ratio, the other two where setup.3MP mode which has a 4:3 aspect ratio, but it displayed both in the same manner but did so a pleasing way with the images not looking stretched.One thing Ill warn about.To only record motion detected events, select Schedule off the settings menu, select Channel All, Weekday All, uncheck epson event manager xp Regular and check MD for period 1 (24 hrs) and click Save.You can click IP search to find them automatically.With 1080P cameras, you can quickly fill up a 1TB drive, maybe get a few days out.They claim to support a limited set of other brands of cameras.They also make 8 (NVR3208) and 16 (NVR3216) channel versions priced 329 and 349 respectively.
I would personally recommend this to anyone that has Dahua cameras but not for use with other brands of cameras although this may be improved in future firmware releases.
Selecting Settings from the main menu brings up another menu with lots more options.
Pardon the image quality, but I had to take pictures of the TV screen to show as theres no way I found to take screen snapshots from the NVR.
Clicking on that shows you the videos recorded by time and each represents a file.
Front Panel USB for backing up video 12o fps at 1080P or 240 fps at 720P.Selecting Remote Devices is where you go to configure the cameras.In this case, I have 4 cameras setup, the NVR was a 4 channel model, hence a view of the 4 cameras in a grid.Just insert.5 sata disk drive and connect it to your network.You navigate with the included mouse, the front panel or remote control. .You can play by clicking on the time and it will play on the left.