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Fate of the world patch

fate of the world patch

To reach the heroes 5 full crack end of the War and fully open the path to the Holy Grail, all 7 Servants must ultimately die.
Laughing Mad : Gilgamesh when Shirou orders Saber to save Rin instead of helping himself.
Hundreds have died, but that list includes the antagonists, and the world is saved.
Together in Death : "The Last Episode" has Shirou and Saber reuniting in Avalon after their deaths.4, though none could make sense of why this had occurred, this phenomenon still posed a threat.Otherwise, their appearance will reflect what they looked like during their prime.Berserker loses to Gilgamesh due to his enemy's willingness to attack Illya, forcing him to fight defensively.Archer's Mysterious Past is known to at least resemble the "Fate" scenario also followed by the anime, but how much is unclear.Each heroine's route takes time to explore said flaw and eventually have her get over it, but Shirou's Chronic Hero Syndrome is what really takes center stage.Then go back to what they were doing, subconsciously repressing those memories to maintain their "perfect" image of her.
Even though that doesn't end up happening, she has to return to the time of her death and finally die, reminiscing her time with Shirou as a dream.
Big Damn Heroes : Subverted by Gilgamesh who, after saving the heroes from their last opponent, becomes their new one.
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Damn good tea, according to Rin.Good People Have Good Sex : While Shirou and Saber's first time is incredibly awkward, note as they're on the run from a very dangerous foe and Saber is on the verge of disappearing their subsequent sexual encounter is treated as the best thing ever, despite.Limited Wardrobe : Almost everyone has, at most, two sets of clothes (typically school, armor, armor/casual, or school uniform/casual, or in Illya's case, cold-weather/normal).The End of the World as We Know It : The result if the Big Bad achieves his goal.Ageing populations could be a boon rather than a curse.In the True Ending Illya appears before Shirou can sacrifice his life, and before destroying the Grail tells him it's her role as his older sister to protect him.