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But as I was leaving I forgot one important thing my UberWiFi antenna!
As skeptical as I am that any of the large auto manufactures will adopt the revolutionary engine I cant help but root for the small company.
The company is basaed in Santa Rosa California and is working on a winzip 16.5 keygen lz0 type of engine called a toroidal internal combustion engine.After cutting all the pieces it is time to sand the edges so they can be glued.Though the stand has a old G4 PowerBook on it the stand was actually made to fit my MacBook Pro which I got soon after.To compensate for this I made a simple jig that allowed me to make the cut.So after you have decided which type of glue to use just put all of the parts together according to my diagram, let the glue dry, and youre done!
Hope you enjoy your Stand!
The torodial engine made by Rotoblock is an evolution of the oscillating piston engine (O.P.E) designed.
Also- thanks to everyone commenting on and reading my blog).
Here are the dimensions for the various pieces: After marking down the lines on the acrylic its time to visit the table saw.Despite this suggestion I ended up just using a normal carbide blade with 2 teeth/inch and everything turned out fine (just had to do a little more sanding).This is by far the hardest and most dangerous step in constructing the stand, but with a little common sense you should be fine.Fortunatly I can still get an okay signal but theres no fun in just a normal antenna.Below are some pictures of: the ghetto plane (notice the tape the one spot where I can get a good signal, all the access points from airport-grandpas condo, and the two accesible access points from inside the condo.