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God of war 2 pcsx2 patch

god of war 2 pcsx2 patch

References, changelog, comments, english (ENG gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (sles-53667) ach, gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (slus-21077) ach built in widescreen initial value.
Attached Files ach (Size: 487 bytes / Downloads:.284).
Saiki.) my first patch, hope it helps some.I've only converted this in pnach file :-) Byez Attached Files 18c9343f.rar (Size: 270 bytes / Downloads:.387) I5 - 2320 @ 3,0 Ghz - 8 GbyteDDR2 1333 Mhz - Geforce 8800 GTS 512 Mbyte - Win 7x64 - Samsung 32" TV HD-Ready Uomo saggio.Infinite Magic, nAU9-T001-U0ZHY 0EU9-9HFK-TWJ7Q, nF11-MZ3Q-14ZAU, max / Infinite Red Orbs, d31G-35QR-90MZM.Infinite Rage of the Titans, jVBW-BXP5-5YFX0 3804-ME8T-5PN4F, p3Z1-R1A7-ZEH9E.Infinite Form Gauge - Be careful about this cheat because of Dark Sora.Unlimited money and License for Vaan.sIlent Hill 2 PAL (E hi, patch for unlimited energy, ammo, always first save and unlimited energy object.Attached Files ach (Size: 2,11 KB / Downloads:.274) Find Reply #, 09:04 PM (This post was last modified:, 09:05 PM by Jlagreen.) Ah nice thread, I was absent in this forum for some while but now I want to post a little again.PCY7-FTN7-WUG30, infinite Double Jumps, j4VH-fppu-bkfx5, zWBG-8TMG-ERH2T, weapons Can Turn Enemies to Stone.
Ar Tonelico 1 - Melody of Elemia (US) Game CRC: ach Code: gametitleAr Tonelico slus_214.45 (US) ntsc commentpatches by Jlagreen commentMax/Inf Money commentMax/Inf Drive Points commentBargan Bin commentNote: Anything u buy will to the Amount u Buy if design your best year ever pdf u buy 99 items u only Spend.
If you have a specific version (like French or Italian) it might not work.
Attached Files ach (Size: 297 bytes / Downloads:.917) Find Reply #14, 04:03 PM devil MAY CRY 3 PAL (E) Special edition These are the codes for unlimited red orbs and unlimited energy.
Sorry but i can't find cheat for stop the timer :-(.
Basically I don't like infinite something cheats but more like to gain EXP faster to shorten lvl up time as I don't have so much time to play.
Final Fantasy XII (E) PAL Version :-).You wont be able to revert from that form if the cheat is enabled(this is because you can only revert from this form if the gauge is fully used up and that will never happen with this cheat on).And btw I only add 3 form.In this case tell me and I can search again.Well for that I found something, try this: Code: comment0 usage of Dragon Gauge Should work for UK version.Rar (Size: 248 bytes / Downloads:.859) c1274668.rar (Size: 223 bytes / Downloads:.407).GU9M-27WF-utqmb, h084-B70D-52QMF, replace Chrono' Rage with Posedion's Rage 322F-B6K5-ayzmk 6KRZ-BA55-814FV, treasure Room Complete 71NT-5TFV-7tged 25WF-34F8-J0C09, all Gorgon Eyes 1G5F-ANP6-1P7QE 3BTR-M1H8-R0D1R, have All Phoenix Feathers, gH5T-R8A2-P3R64 5HVR-tjew-32R47.Edit: warning, health and magic values are correct, but they don't work.EC06428C changed to 02000224, god Hand (slus-21503) ach initial value (4:3) 6E3F013C efee C00073C changed to (wide) 9F3F01300073C God of War (scus-97399) ach widescreen fix initial value C 2D100000 0A A427 F80040C4 003F013C E20E060C 02030C46 3000A1C C0300E6 113F013C FC C0300E6 7C0301C C0305C6 113F013C FC C0300E6.When you revert from some form you'll have 9 drive gauge's and you can change to some form again.