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Human psychology and behaviour pdf

human psychology and behaviour pdf

Interesting too, because at the euro truck simulator game softonic time he originally wrote this book each chapter had a section on how to resist the persuasive techniques.
If you want a basic book that explains some basic brain functioning I would definitely read this book.
Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman, 2011 If you want to understand how people think and how and why they react, then this is a must read.
Its full of fascinating research, but is written in a very readable way.I think those sections are the weakest, actually.Go to this blog post for the newest list of Best Psychology Books.My latest: How To Get People To Do Stuff.This book tells you what does and doesnt work based on research.Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini, 2006 This is a newer version of the original book that came out several years ago.Strangers to Ourselves: The Adaptive Unconscious, by Timothy Wilson, 2004 This is the book that actually got me started seriously on the topic of the unconscious.I dont think its really about Happiness, so I dont totally understand the title.
Plan to spend time reading this one.
Gladwell referenced Wilsons book so I started reading it and light bulbs went off for.
He wasnt a proponent of using them; he wanted you to know about them so you wouldnt fall prey.
Its a collaboration between the Brain Lady and animator Truscribe.
Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel prize winner in Economics, but this book is all about how people think and react.
From the way its described you would think its a very practical book, for everyone, not academic or research oriented.To me its mainly about memory of the past, and anticipation about the future, and the research on how accurate or inaccurate we are about both past and future.Ill do another post on UX and Design books.Its unconscious, but that doesnt mean irrational or bad.Redirect, by Timothy Wilson, 2011 This is the second book of Timothy Wilsons on my list.A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about my favorite psychology and usability books.This one is a bit more academic and psychological, especially the first few chapters, but all in all, a great book with lots of interesting insights and strong research.