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Install irc server centos 6

install irc server centos 6

Find: /home/shalture/shalture/etc/nf adminemail Change the value of adminemail to your email address.
We also need to tell it we need SSL support.
Download and Extract unrealircd # Switch to the root directory (or whereever you want to install Unreal to) cd / # Download the archive (check for new version first) wget m/downloads/Unreal3.2.9.tar.
The value of pause tells the server pocket informant 2.5 user manual how long to block an oper (in seconds) from performing these operations if a wrong password is entered.Make ZNC a system daemon At the end of the config keep it running and connect to it from your local IRC client to make sure things are working.The values in red need to be customized.Your domain name as part of the prerequisites.) Change the password to something secure.Sudo apt-get install rinetd sudo vim /etc/nf Edit that file to include a new forwarding rule Restart rinetd sudo /etc/init.I used Henners guide when I first set this.Git clone git:t shalture-devel Change your active directory to the shalture-devel directory and clone some other needed repositories.Here, you need to change the passwords.
Kiwi connects through a proxy and does not maintain your IP address.
After it's done, remove the source files.
It should now look similar to the following: /home/shalture/shalture/etc/nf uplink "services.
No children under 13 are allowed to be on this network without the knowledge and consent of their parent or legal guardian.
Vi.znc/configs/nf or with the webadmin module by pointing a browser to https yourhostname:6664 To verify that this works with your local client you should just have to change the port from 6667 to 6664.
But it is still nice to use in case you ever find yourself on one.Also you would not want to do this on a server that is serving webpages over https.Password "linkage port 6667; ; Change t to services.Your_domain_name" host 1 / password / If you want to have same send_password and accept_password, you / can specify both using 'password' instead of individually.RVM installed with the latest Ruby version.If you choose to list only the specific IP addresses allowed to connect for operator actions (which is recommended for security oper privileges won't work with Kiwi IRC.etc/inspircd/nf # This 3d film player gratis is just a more or less working example configuration file, please # customize it for your needs!You might want to setup an bot to do your bidding, I use radbot.Step 4 Starting the IRC Server Before starting the IRC server, we need to fix the permissions and file ownership: sudo find /etc/inspircd -type d -exec chmod 770 ; sudo find /etc/inspircd -type f -exec chmod 644 ; sudo chown -R irc:irc /etc/inspircd Next,.At the end of this tutorial, you should have a fully-functioning IRC server you can connect to via most IRC clients.