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EFF echoed the sentiment, saying Zillows letter to Wagner is filled with highly dubious legal claims.
My whims and those of Jeff Bezos and Larry Page and Satya Nadella and Mark Zuckerberg, that shouldnt be what determines what should be online, he said.
Zillow has a legal obligation to honor the agreements we make with our listing providers about high quality games for pc how photos can be used.
Zillows legal threats are not supported and plainly seek to interfere with protected speech, wrote Daniel Nazer, a staff attorney and Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents at the EFF.However, Nazer said that Wagner would not use pictures from Zillow in the future.Also, how could we forget the exhaust pipe thats as big as a cantaloupe?I think we have to have a conversation over what part of the infrastructure stack is right to police content.We couldnt have that conversation while the Daily Stormer site was using.Internet companies typically take a hands-off approach to offensive content on their networks, erring on the side of maintaining an open internet.It was never our intent for McMansion Hell to shut down, or for this to appear as an attack on Kates freedom of expression.If Kate is writing criticism of listings, Zillow cant prohibit that.The real estate site sent Gizmodo the following update: We have decided not to pursue any legal action against Kate Wagner and McMansion Hell.We think that applies here, Nazer told Gizmodo.
But we need to have a conversation about who and how the content online is controlled.
Meet one of the most insane diesel truck builds weve ever seen: Old Smokey.
We hope they see sense, Nazer told Gizmodo.
The size and scale of the attacks that can now easily be launched online make it such that if you dont have a network like Cloudflare in front of your content, and you upset anyone, you will be knocked offline, he wrote.
But leaving these decisions to CEOs like himself is exactly what Prince doesnt wantand thats why Cloudflare isnt changing its content-neutral policy going forward.
Instead, Prince wants to spark a conversation about how tech should respond to abhorrent content, and whether content should be policed by registrars, browsers, or social networks.Having made that decision we now need to talk about why it is so dangerous.Filing suit would be the height of foolishness.Zillow has no basis for such a demand and our client will not be removing any previous posts, Nazer wrote in a post on EFFs site.It does appear to be standing by its demand that she remove all images sourced from Zillows website.