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Latest system administrator interview questions and answers pdf

latest system administrator interview questions and answers pdf

Any backup older than 60 days is not a good backup.
What is Active Directory?
40) How can I override blocking of inheritance?
Linking GPOs To apply the settings of a GPO to the users and computers of a domain, site, or OU, you need to add a link to that GPO.It works on port.In your interview answer focus on the following: - asking the right questions in order to clarify the customer's wants and needs - using your knowledge and skills to determine how to meet those needs.Domain, fOR administrative purposes, an active directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft.The most common example is the telephone directory, which consists of a series of names (either of persons or organizations) organized alphabetically, with each name having an address and phone number attached.
The syntax for windows xp professional key 2012 Dcgpofix.
An option to specify the OU for the computer account.
N is an optional parameter that will bypass users who have never logged.
However, separating the user and computer components into separate GPOs might require more GPOs.
Infrastructure Master: When an object corel draw 9 64 bit in one domain is referenced by another object in another domain, it represents the reference by the guid, the SID (for references to security principals and the DN of the object being referenced.
Between two Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 domains in an enterprise (a shortcut trust).
45) You want to standardize the desktop environments desert storm 3 game pc (wallpaper, My Documents, Start menu, printers etc.) on the computers in one department.Ldap can access.500 directories but does not support every capability.500 What is replmon?The reason that all DCs are not GCs to start is that in large (or even Giant) forests the DCs would all have to hold a reference to every object in the entire forest which could be quite large and quite a replication burden.In active directory you can include every object server and domain in a network.The are five fsmo roles, primary Domain Controller (PDC).This SID consists of a domain SID (the same for all SIDs created in a domain and a relative ID (RID) that is unique for each security principal SID created in a domain.Processing is in the order that is specified by the administrator, on the Linked Group Policy Objects tab for the site in Group Policy Management Console (gpmc).Account lockout is processed on the PDC emulator.Describe a situation where you went out of your way to provide customer satisfaction.Communication Skills, describe the different types of business communications you were responsible for.Note: The Infrastructure Master (IM) role should be held by a domain controller that is not a Global Catalog server (GC).