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Lego creator expert detective's office 10246

lego creator expert detective's office 10246

Link Treads to get the rounded shape.
If you haven't already, be sure to watch the.
Plastic wrap with instructions (1 book).I dont have any of the older modular buildings built at the moment, so Im curious what it looks like between some of the buildings such as the Green Grocer and Grand Emporium.Putting the three floors together: Here are the minifigures that are missing from the above image: All the minifigures have the standard grin pattern, which I always find very nostalgic in the modular building sets.These shots show the two minifigures that are included in the number 1 bags well have a closer look at them later.You can also see the gap in the wall between the pool hall and the barber shop. While most of the baseplates end up being hidden by the modular building itself, its nice to have the variety for other uses, such as a farm yard in the case of this Reddish Brown one.Its no surprise that the back of the instruction booklet lets us know that we can win a set by providing feedback on the set that we have just built.
I do, however, like the way the balustrade have been done.
One 8 x 16 issue tracker excel sheet DBG plate.
In the official images, Al is seen talking to the police woman: I suspect she is talking to him on official police business, but she should be talking to him about getting a hair cut.As shown in the random page below, the instructions include red lines around the area where the bricks are placed.I like the look of the Detective's Office more, but probably prefer the Parisian Restaurant for playability.You've been outbid by someone else's max bid. I double checked, but there was nothing else that I was supposed to do with that column.You can save time and money by buying it now.Also, while there is only one instruction booklet, the builds for each set of baggies are separated by advertisements, which are normally only found towards the back of instruction booklets.Overall, though, I really love this building.Here is the office from the other angle, showing the safe on the right hand side and what looks to be an unfinished brick column above.