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Minor blues guitar chord progressions

minor blues guitar chord progressions

You are building the chord s player for windows 8.1 progression for a Minor Blues from the notes of the tonic Harmonic Minor Scale.
Latest posts by Andy Lemaire ( see all ).But there are a few main differences between these two blues forms that we need to take a look.Again, you remove the roots to create smaller, easier to play chords, only now Dm7 and Gm7 will be 4th-chords.Most of these variations are slight deviations from two common forms of the progression, both of which Ill cover in this lesson.Heres the backing track and lead sheet for the ii V minor blues chord progression.
Do you have any questions about the Minor Blues?
Instead of playing the Dm7b5 chord each time the II chord comes around, we will play its tri-tone substitution, Ab7, instead.
Minor blues tunes are some ccnp security syllabus pdf of the most popular and enjoyable songs to jam over.
The Minor Blues Progression, though not as popular as its major blues cousin, the Minor Blues form and chord progression is commonly found in many styles of guitar music, especially those influenced by the blues tradition.
Click to hear minor blues chords 2 Minor Blues Chords ii V Changes You now add in a ii V to bars 9, 10, and 12 of the minor blues form.
The form of a Minor Blues is 12 bars long, the same as the I Ilues, but since we have four different chords, their order is somewhat this man confessed pdf 2shared different, especially in the last four bars of the song.There are many ways you could do these chords, but here are some movable chords I like to use in this type of situation: You just need to position these chords so that their root notes (indicated by the circle with an R in it).Also, there are two levels of chord studies, beginner and intermediate.Test Your Theory Chops, after you have checked out the examples above, and learned about how to build a Minor Blues Progression, you can test you theory chops by writing out the minor blues chords in A, E, D, G and.Here we use the Cm7 chord which moves down by a tone to the Bb7 chord, which moves down by another tone to Ab7, the tri-tone of D7 ( the dominant of G7 and resolves by half-step back to the top of the form.When you see V7alt on a lead sheet, you can play the b9, #9, b5, #5, or any combination of those notes.Lastly, notice the Edim7 chord used to outline A7alt, creating a rootless 7b9 sound over that change.Click to hear minor blues chords 5 Turnaround Minor Blues Intermediate Chords Here are the rootless chords for the turnaround progression.With a more open feel compared to major blues tunes, these changes allow for a variety of chord subs and alterations.Now that youve got a list of tunes, and some background on minor blues, take that knowledge to the fretboard.