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Neverwinter nights 2 patch list

neverwinter nights 2 patch list

OSpeaker - the PC who will speak, object_invalid if channel is chat_mode_server.
New Features Edit Multiplayer Edit The chat system now has a gta san andreas 75 save game /r command for replying to the last private message a player receives.
BUG fixes IN premonition, general, the PC model during level up should be scaled to match the scaling in game.
Turning in Arvals journal will no longer give an invalid reward.A new Cliff_08 texture has been added.Dispelling will remove continuous damage as well as effects.The Default Swashbuckler package will no longer choose Luck of Heroes at level.While in Character Mode, by default, holding the Left Mouse Button down and moving the mouse to the left or right will turn the character.Fixed various issues that prevented the use of certain metamagic feats with the Blood to Water spell.Losing the deed to Parrum's Rock will no longer block quests.Druid Edit Fixed an issue that was causing the game to crash if a druid, with a sling attached, casts Elemental Shape Air.
Torio in Crossroad Keep will no longer talk about the Church and Tower before Act.
Deities.2da is now able to be recognized in-game when read from a hak pack.
Added a journal entry and XP awards for killing the three Shadow Reavers in the Merdelain Gauntlet.
Fix for an exception that could be thrown if a journal was modified from code (like a plugin.) Fixed inability to modify camera orientation, Orientation has been re-enabled.
All combat modes can now be triggered instantly, except for Parry, Rapid Shot, and Flurry of Blows, which are hunter x hunter games pc deferred until the beginning of the next round.
Isaac's Missile Storm spells will no longer lose missiles if cast on an area with both friends and enemies.
EffectShareDamage was not actually applying damage to the caster.Fixed a number of errors with NPC descriptions.Okku will now properly speak in several situations where he was not previously.To load a module directory from the command line, use the following parameter: -moduledir module name Specular Lighting has been improved.Act 3: Edit Poisons will drop off of the Shadow Thieves in the Merchant Quarter.Swapping textures in the toolset should no longer result in solid black textures.The Chat Window is no longer cleared after an area transition.