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Php array sort by key value

php array sort by key value

can be used to sort.
Again, it's not as difficult as you might think.
Simply adding the to the function definition means that instead of passing a copy of data to the function, a reference or pointer is passed.
This dataset can be represented in tabular format as: index firstname lastname age 0, mary, johnson 25 1, amanda, miller.Multiple row sorting using a closure Thomas Heuer from Germany has been kind enough to provide the following code and examples, which looks very nice, but will only work with PHP.3 and higher:?PHP function sortArray(data, field) if(!is_array(field) field array(field usort(data, function(a, b) use(field) retval.From outside we can't use this so have to refer to the class by name.The output is as follows: index firstname lastname age 0 James Brown 31 1 Michael Davis 43 2 Mary Johnson 25 3 Sarah Miller 24 4 Patrick Miller 27 5 Amanda Miller 18 6 Patricia Williams 7 To sort by different fields just replace the.Example calls:?PHP data sortArray(data, 'age data sortArray(data, array lastname 'firstname?If you don't have a second field that you want to sort by, just replace the highlighted line with return 0; All we're doing here is looking at the values in the position field.This means that, after ordering by first name, the result of then sorting by last name will not necessarily retain the correct order of first names.If you're working on the web with this type of data, you might also want to read the article Formatting Data as html which presents instructions for converting PHP data to html tables, lists and forms.Sorting based on a list of values There are situations where it's not possible to use a numeric or alphabet-based sort routine.If you want to change the key of which the sorting is made without updating the class you can do so: sort new SortMdArray; sort- sort_order 'desc / from highest to lowest sort- sort_key 'quantity sort- sortByKey(array I hope you will find this method useful.
This is a very common task for PHP programmers as data returned from database/SQL queries often appears in associative array format (i.e.
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The call can then be shortened to:?PHP usort(data, makeSortFunction age?
Calling from a class If you are trying to sort using a function inside a class, you can't just pass the comparison function as 'this- compare_fullname but instead need to include either the object or the class name in the call to usort.
Now the code's starting to look more 'readable' which is a good sign:?PHP function orderBy(data, field) code "return strnatcmp(a'field b'field usort(data, create_function a,b code return data; sorted_data orderBy(data, 'age?
So what's the solution?
PHP provides a range of functions for sorting data based on either the key or value of an associative array.Using 'pass by reference' We can also pass the data variable by reference and no longer worry about returning a value from the function.All we need is the following custom function:?PHP function mySort(a, b) global sortorder; if(a'position' b'position return strcmp(a'name b'name cmpa array_search (a'position sortorder cmpb array_search(b'position sortorder return (cmpa cmpb)?The comparison function can also be generated on the fly as an anonymous function.Heres an example where we are using position as the key that will be used to sort the multidimensional array: Array ( 0 Array ( name Lorem Ipsum position 4 ) 1 Array ( name Just a title position 3 ) 2 Array ( name.We need a new function that can compare both fields at the same time and then apply windows 7 startup repair missing boot manager the sort:?PHP function compare_fullname(a, b) / sort by last name retval strnatcmp(a'lastname b'lastname / if last names are identical, sort by first name if(!retval) retval strnatcmp(a'firstname b'firstname return.You might think so, but since PHP version.1 the usort and related functions will essentially shuffle the array before sorting (the algorithm is 'no longer stable If two members compare as equal, their order in the sorted array is undefined See our Quick Sort.