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Recognizing propaganda techniques worksheet

recognizing propaganda techniques worksheet

Rather than explain what they believe in, they prefer to try to tear their opponent down.
Either/or fallacy: This technique is also called "black-and-white thinking" because only two choices are given.Technique Bush Kerry Appeal to Emotion Bandwagon Card Stacking Either/or Fallacy False Analogy Glittering Generalities Name Calling Plain Folks Slippery Slope Testimonial Transfer.Slippery Slope: Speakers claim that one event will lead to an uncontrollable chain reaction.Glittering Generalities: This technique uses important-sounding "glad words" that have little or no real meaning.Types: Appeal to Emotion: This approach summons fear, anger or pity to secure listener support.Example: Jim Smith has made this country a better place to live.Example: First they take away your machine guns, then they take all your hunting rifles.In most false analogies, there is simply not enough evidence available to support the comparison.Example: Opponents of year-round school claim that students would hate.It is important to evaluate data carefully before jumping to a wrong conclusion.Example: Every Christian I know is voting for George Bush, therefore, you should as well.
Example: A politician uses a sad story of a child being killed dbz bt3 mods ps2 in a drive-by shooting to gain support for a year-round school measure.
Example: Someone rejects President Clinton's reasons for lifting the ban on gays in the military because.
Why are they used?
Overall scores may be higher but that does not prove all students are performing at that level.They are the methods and approaches used to spread ideas that further a cause - a political, commercial, religious, or civil cause.Ad Hominem: A person rejects a claim on the basis of derogatory facts (real or alleged) about the person making the claim.With the beginning of the Presidential Debates, we give you some techniques used by various speakers to spread ideas that further their cause.You are either for something or against it; there is no middle ground or shades of gray.