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Skyrim ps3 modded save game

skyrim ps3 modded save game

No, even with the Hearthfire addition.
Well you start of at your modded new house in ivarstead which is all modded 2, and your character is level.
Check out a selection of Skyrim Special Edition Remastered screenshots by clicking the gallery below: Skyrim Special Edition remastered screenshots for Xbox One and PS4.
Edit: better MOD here: Only registered and activated users can see links.All skills 100, all Perks (Including Werewolf and Vampire Lord) 1 Hit Kill Weapons, all houses.Daedric bow/daggers/swords House in Solitude.This is due to the fact that these objects must be linked to additional objects which cannot be done with the console.Treasury Room filled with riches and much, much more.How to put on PS3: Put my savegame on your USB into the folder X PS3/savedata and paste the file on PS3 (savedata utility.).
So the download link is here : Only registered and activated users can see links.
A:Put the saves folder archeve, and upload it to the site your using(on how to upload on specific sites, google to find out) Q:How true or dare game many saves may i request to be resigned, per request?
Those saves are not just stats modded they have heavy mods, towns cities, NPCs.Decorated place ( go in that place if you want to see the new city -shor'S stone -fort dawnguard -black reach -nightgate INN -darklight tower -largashbur -goldenglow estate -ivarstead -darkwater pass (upper) -half moon mill -darkwater crossing -riverwood -helgen (IT'S NOW your very OWN town).All gems 100 each, all hides 100 each, all ingredients 100 each.Level 1337 Khajit named Derek 13300 Carry Weight 1337000 Gold All Skills at 100 199 Unused Perks All Map Locations Revealed Super Speed (probably too fast) Weapon Swings 5x Faster Every Spell Scroll in Inventory Lots of Items / Weapons and more mods.(blus30778-save-player-2 or horseman Save play as cabin in the woods english subs the myth of skyrim!, the headless horseman, with your ghost horses at your berial place, when you start you are right at the beginning of the game, you are level.This means that PS3 save files can't be transferred to PS4 and Xbox 360 save files won't work on Xbox One.