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Sw kotor 2 mods

sw kotor 2 mods

Altered Azkul For PC Adds another head for male PCs (Azkul's) along with two new textures (1 normal and 1 dark side transition) and accompanying portraits.
M4-78 Movies These are the Landing and takeoff movies for my M478 mod.Light Side Handmaiden Robes This makes Handmaiden's dark side outfit look almost exactly like her light side outfit.If you want your lightsaber to be on and stay on until you want it off, this mod will be perfect for you.Pfhc01 Reskin This mod is a reskin of the first Female Caucasian Head in kotor.Also included is mandalorian armors that will also make you wear the helmet they wear, and an elite mandalorian heavy repeater.Personal Ravager What I am releasing is the first part of a much larger mod that will (hopefully) allow you throughout the game to complete side quests that will allow you to take control of various bases, ships and temples.
You get to choose which texture/portrait you want, so you can play as propaganda techniques definitions examples any Twi'lek in the game.
He will only spawn if you haven't visited the area before.
Additional Dark Jedi Robe These robes are additional dark jedi robes with unique names and descriptions!
Tslrcm tries to fix to the best of our abilities the issues The Sith Lords had due to being rushed.
Yuthura Ban (1.1) This will install a new selectable player appearance in the guise of Yuthura Ban, the infamous SIth Twilek that you found on Korriban in the original game.Darth Sion's Robe This is a very windows 7 ultimate product keys list nice looking robe for Darth Sion that gives him more of a rotting look.Advertisements, ark: Survival Evolved's The Great Migration begins.The author made a new model after the Halo Energy Sword.Modified Items All right, so this isn't a stand alone mod, but a part for a slightly bigger mod.Yuthura Ban This will install a new selectable player appearance in the guise of Yuthura Ban, the infamous SIth Twilek that you found on Korriban in the original game.Pmhc04A Older Reskin This is a relatively simple skin and I regret that this is my first skin and thus it does not have dark side transitions, it only works if your on the light side.Clothed Beginning This mod will allow you to start Peragus with clothes equipped, as opposed to the infamous "potato-sack".The hair color is light, skin color is different, plus the eyes have been changed to be blue.Better Male Bodies The original male clothing did look farily plump and potato sack-ish, didn't it?