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The fundamentals of ethics pdf

the fundamentals of ethics pdf

COU201 Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders explores the interplay between substance-related, psychiatric and medical disorders.
4 credits Pre-requisite: VCP101 or VCP117.
Course content will focus on common cervical spine, thoracolumbar spine, upper extremity and lower extremity non-operative diagnoses and post-operative conditions, physical therapy interventions, post-operative and injury care protocols and treatment techniques.This course emphasizes methods of examination such as fires, explosions, computer forensics, bite marks, hairs and fibers, and blood splatter patterns.This course will benefit individuals who plan to continue their studies in a sports medicine field, athletic training, and physical therapy.4 credits Pre-requisite: VCP118.3 credits Pre-requisites: CIS101, EGL101.1 credit MUL133 MUL136 Brass Lessons I- IV is the study of music skills as they apply to playing windows keyboard on mac function key brass instruments.VCP223 Photojournalism II develops advanced technical proficiency, personal approach, and a strong cbap exam practice test and study guide photojournalism portfolio.1 credit ART167 Ceramics/Japanese Raku introduces students to contemporary approaches to the art of Raku as well as the historical relationship to Japanese ritual tea ceremonies and the philosophy of Zen.
Assignments explore both physical and psychological aspects of color theory.
EGL093 Integrated Reading and Writing Level II offers the writing, reading, and critical thinking skills necessary for success in college-level English.
Ethical and practical considerations are integrated through the use of lectures and the studying of management cases.
Students have the opportunity to work on an individual basis as well as in teams.2 credits PED164 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ACT) is a course designed to build students confidence, physical fitness and self-defense skills through the practice of the martial art form, Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ).Students will perform experimental activities in the lab and field that include the study of evolution, organismal diversity and their environments, ethology, and ecology of populations and communities.Advanced topics include inheritance, polymorphism, exceptions, recursion, and searching/sorting.The student will also examine data structures such as stacks, queues, and trees, as well as perform efficiency analysis on searching and sorting algorithms.3 credits Pre-requisite: EDU210.Study will include growth and development, normal pediatric and obstetric concepts, and stressors affecting individuals and family systems, with emphasis on the role of the practical nurse in patient care.