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Xone 4d review 2011

xone 4d review 2011

This feature is great if youre going to be using a DB4 other than your own (perhaps at a club) and you want to mirror the settings of your own DB4 on the club DB4.
Then you could map the DB4s faders to the faders in Ableton.
I mention this not because theyre useless, but because Im disappointed.The movement of the dial is super-smooth and yet it can be quickly set to extreme left or right with windows xp sp3 deutsch iso a twist of your wrist.You could, for instance, have channels 1 and 2 sending data from the digital inputs to your computer whilst channels 3 and 4 send an analogue signal from your Technics.There is a type B USB connector resident on the back panel with which you can attach a computer, all too predictable in this day and age, but to the left of this is a rather interesting connection called X-link.Xone:4D, image 2 of 2, the Xone:4D boasts a flexible 10-in/10-out configuration.As a verbal example of this, lets assume you want to use the device connected to the 2nd analogue input on channel.During the review period I mapped the controls for use with Traktor in both Internal and External Mode, though why anyone would want to use Internal Mode is beyond.There is no way to stop it from doing this.Fans of the phonograph may be disappointed to find just two phono pre-amps rather than the usual four, but at least the input matrix lets you assign them to whatever channel you want.This takes time and requires intimate knowledge of the various effect types.
Filters, in the world of DJ mixers, Allen Heath is synonymous with juicy analogue filters.
The unit itself is intimidating when you see it in the tin.
This is a pretty faultless piece of gear that feels like a total tool for next generation DJs who want it all now.
You wont have to worry about managing your inputs ever again.You hear that opinion expressed on the internet often and Ive been guilty of it myself, which makes the cognitive dissonance on picking it up all the more unbearable.Sound, the sound quality is crisp, clear and rounded out by the analogue circuits of the mixer, with the warm three-band EQ and multi-band filter section adding to the appeal.The microphone section features one XLR input for a microphone and a pair of RCA connectors to which you can attach some auxiliary device such as an iPod, sampler or another mixer.On top of that you have an extra control located to the right of the GUI menu that lets you adjust a third parameter, typically a filter sweep, and a control for adjusting the time of an effect.I know you cant expect anything less from A H, but it is rare that a manufacturer accords the audio interface shoe-horned into a mixer the same level of attention as the rest of the mixer.(A table is made out of her.The mid-range pot controls the resonance applied to the filter and whilst its a welcome feature it doesnt provide the generous amount of resonance granted by the main Xone filters.The fact is the DB4 is primarily a performance tool to be used by DJs that have planned and rehearsed a set to perfection.Just a little jitter filters A H without input and very high volume headphone / master.Any weakness in fader design or construction will be exposed by them.